Mindfulness, Yoga and Fitness In your place of work

Why a Structured Mindfulness, onsite training program?

We spend more of our time working than doing anything else, and researchers have found that these hours are on average the least happy of our lives. Nearly 80 percent of American adults don’t get the recommended amount of exercise each week (2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous activity).

Relationships in the workplace.

How team members feel about their co-workers and managers can impact how effectively a team accomplishes tasks. Positive relationships help create productive teams, ultimately affecting a company’s bottom line. Successful team member relationships often extend beyond the workplace and into the personal lives of the workers.

To date, 5/5 of my workplace mindfulness classes have linked mindfulness to improved relationships at work, supporting collaboration and improving employees’ resilience in the face of challenges.

The studies included employees from a wide range of sectors.

Outside of the workplace, mindfulness training has been shown to make practitioners more likely to respond compassionately to someone in need and enjoy more satisfying personal relationships.

Research has shown that happy, engaged knowledge workers tend be more productive, creative and learn better.

Engaged, happy people tend to collaborate better, thus driving productivity.

A stressed mind shuts down possibilities.

This perhaps is a reason why creative companies strive to create office environments in which creative people can free themselves from mundane pressures and engage more ably in states of play.

Mindfulness could help individuals boost creativity in several ways.

Focus – Mindfulness practice results in an improved ability to focus and filter out other mental processes and external distractions during creative tasks.

  • Idea generation – In one study scientists reported that “open monitoring” meditation (non-reactive observation of your thoughts over time) promoted “divergent thinking” a type of thinking that allows new ideas to be generated.
  • Flexible thinking – Mindfulness reduces cognitive rigidity (the tendency to be blinded by experience).

Instead it increases the capacity to respond in novel and adaptive ways to a particular problem. Mindfulness deliberately disrupts and erodes our habitual patterns of responding, leaving us receptive to new ideas and ways of thinking.

My personal observations are just snippets pulled from personal experiences teaching at a few locations.

A company with around 100 employees focused on Financing, exercise before, during and after working hours was encouraged, but the employees never found time to exercise and most were a little tiresome and irritable because of this.

Their jobs were mainly seated for long periods of time.

Ergonomics was the key factor with the furniture, but yet the employees still suffered from back pain, aches, pains and stiffness.

I taught a complimentary 30-minute class, my whole routine was focused on lengthening and strengthening their joints and adding a little mobility with their hip flexors.

“A petite girl with such a powerful, husky, British voice was unexpected and music to my ears” said one employee.

“Wow I feel elated especially after the back ward what ever you did” said another.

Every employee took away a laminated copy of instructions with him or her to look over as well as a water bottle.

This was the feedback I received after ‘1’ 30-minute class taught in a open space without even thinking of where we are but more about what are we doing.

The environment was insignificant, but what did matter was that the employees were able to express them selves without any disturbances or pressures. They were all equal in one room sharing their pleasure together.

Mindfulness,Yoga and Fitness in your hotel room for adults.

Yoga, Mindfulness and Fitness can be practiced everywhere and anywhere.

Most hotels now have a fitness center and gym, but how easy would it be to be welcomed with a towel, water bottle, mat and a simple video for you to follow.

Every employee is given a laminated copy of instructions with him or her to look over as well as a water bottle.

  • A progress sheet
  • Mat Based Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Classes (30-60 minutes)
Desk Based Yoga & Mindfulness Classes (15-60 minutes)
  • Classroom Essentials (simple activities taught by your own faculty)
  • Staff Development Workshops on a variety of topics (75 minutes – full day programs)
  • Self Care for Educators Course
  • Online Training’s
  • Private Consultation

Full Day Continuing Education Work shops or social workers, counselors, therapists, OTs/PTs and MFTs.

Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

Gina Soni Fitness bills in hourly increments (to the nearest 1/2 hour) in order to offer you maximum flexibility.

You may use your billed time to offer 15-60 minute classes for your students

Single Hour
$150/hour (12 session minimum)

2-4 Hours
$120/hour (6 session minimum)

5+ Hours
$105/hour (3 session minimum)