The Gina Soni Fitness Program

Here’s what you can expect from the Gina Soni Fitness Program:

A well trained, professional teacher, backed by a community of support.

Materials for staff and parents, offering simple practices they can share with kids in the classroom or at home, aligned with curriculum units.

Access to Gina, the program director who can address questions, discuss concerns, and support the successful implementation of the program.

Absolute commitment to the kids and the entire school community.

Learning Objectives
    • Improved overall health
    • Increased strength and flexibility
    • Improved body image
    • Better sleep quality
    • Improved executive function
    • Improved focus and attention
    • Increased engagement
    • Greater sensory integration
    • Improved emotional regulation
    • Greater self confidence
    • Increased resilience
    • Decreased stress and anxiety
    • Greater compassion and empathy
    • Improved communication
    • Increased leadership skills
    • Reduced bullying
    • Greater sense of community and safer school climate
Unit One (Introduction: Yoga Beginnings)

The emphasis of the first few weeks of classes is on creating a safe space, introducing students to a variety of practices, and teaching them to recognize how they are feeling.

This is the time when I establish a meaningful sense of community, and a tone of respect and support in the classroom.

Familiarity with a range of activities is established now so that future units can explore more depth of experience.

Unit Two (The Physical: How Am I Strong)

Unit Two focuses on building a foundation of confidence and strength in all students. Emphasis is placed on the physical experiences of yoga – learning more about how the body works and how capable it is. Along with the development of physical strength, we explore building inner strength and resilience. Students are introduced to the idea that strength is not only about power, but also about flexibility and balance.

Unit Three (The Emotional: How Do I Feel, What do I Need)

Unit Three shifts the focus onto the students’ emotional life. By this point they have a good working knowledge of many aspects of the yoga practice, and as the physical movement is becoming more comfortable we ask them to reflect more on their internal experience. This unit spends time on mindfulness and meditation practices, as well as grounding and restorative yoga poses.

Unit Four (The Social: Our Community)

Unit Four brings the lessons of the previous units into the larger class community. Working off the foundation of confidence and strength that we have been building throughout the year, we focus on communication, collaboration and building a community of support and encouragement. Students work together on challenging partner and group activities that allow them opportunities to both support others and be supported.

Unit Five (Putting it All Together: Tools for Life)

As we prepare to finish our school year the focus is on giving students tools that they can take with them into the world. Many of the activities from earlier units are revisited with an emphasis on helping students understand how and why they would use them in daily life.

All my classes will be 45 minutes. Options are available for 30-60 minutes for mat based classes, and as little as 15 minutes for desk based classes. I require a minimum booking of one hour, but you can use that time for 1-4 groups.

All of my teachers are certified yoga instructors and have additionally completed our 135 hour Gina Fitness Yoga teacher training, giving them the skills to make all yoga practices safe and engaging for children and teens. Some are certified classroom teachers as well like MYSELF.

While the most comprehensive version of my program unfolds over a full school year, I can and do modify the curriculum to adapt to shorter time periods.

My teachers will be available for school day or after-school classes. I will also offer a staff development program that will train your faculty to implement this program in an infusion style that incorporates yoga and mindfulness activities throughout the school day.

My teachers are trained to work with students from preschool through HS, and modify the activities and language of the curriculum according to students’ needs.

My program will also be available to work with children with special needs I would be happy to work with you to make sure we are meeting your students’ needs in the most effective way possible. Many of my teachers and myself have experience working with students with a variety of physical, developmental and emotional challenges.

I recommend having 15 or fewer students in mat based classes, however I will gladly accommodate larger groups with an assistant (either provided by us or by you), and desk based classes can be larger, and I will make decisions together on a case by case basis.

Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

Gina Soni Fitness bills in hourly increments (to the nearest 1/2 hour) in order to offer you maximum flexibility.

You may use your billed time to offer 30 minute classes for your students

$150 30min (12 session minimum)