Gina The Happy Yogi Goes To India

Gina’s Happy Yogi Program

Gina’s Happy Yogi program takes an individualized approach to yoga teachings; combining and interweaving varied backgrounds, cultures, gender, age and nationality. Gina’s focus is teaching kids; especially those with special needs, including Autism and Asperger’s.

She has also developed a before and after school program for teachers and students. She has created a card game and written the children’s book entitled “Gina the Happy Yogi Goes to India'” Card game and book both highlight various yoga moves adaptable to kids as they learn yoga moves and life lessons.

Researchers have found kids with autism spectrum disorder who do yoga in schools have improved behavior. Daily structured yoga programs help reduce aggressive behavior and hyperactivity and improve social skills. Yoga has a calming influence and helps focus allowing kids to learn and cope better in everyday life.

Yoga is not just an amazing way to work on all the systems of the body, enhance the brain areas and keep the mind peaceful, but also, is an excellent complement to all other kinds of therapies allowing children to understand and assimilate them easily.

Through the practice of specific types of breathing exercises, more oxygenation is brought to all the brain cells stimulating all areas and improving attention and concentration. Asanas or yoga positions, combined with the breathing techniques, improve metabolism, calms the nervous system and leads to increased activity and better health, attitude and behavior.